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Straits International School

Exploring options in international education for your children? Join us as we bring together leading international schools in Kuala Lumpur! Talk to representatives, gather informative materials, sit in on talks by education experts and more, throughout this 2-day event!

The 3rd Private & Internatinal School Fair in Penang, organised by Mint Communications, provides an outlet for schools to meet with parents. The fair also gives parents the options to wisely choose the most suitable school for their children to attend. Parents can do so by speaking with private and international schools representatives about the specific curriculum they offer. The following are general information about the fair: 

The first ever Private & International School Fair in Penang was held in 2012 and attracted over 180 families. Organised by Mint Communications, this fair was the ideal platform for schools to meet with parents, and for parents to find a suitable school for their children. Visitors were mostly parents looking to send their children to private and international schools.

If you missed the country's only and largest PRIVATE & INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL fair​ in Kuala Lumpur earlier, don't worry!

The PRIVATE & INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL fair​ is coming to Penang on 4th November 2012. It brings together leading private and international schools in the country under one roof.

The event gives both expatriate and local parents the opportunity to come meet with representatives to find out more about the curriculum and facilities offered.

Don't miss this opportunity!