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Beaconhouse Newlands Early Years, SS2
School Type: 
37, Jalan SS2/44, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
+603 7865 0453
Half Day Programme – RM15,000 – RM19,200 annually; Full Day Programme – RM 21,000 – RM25,800 annually; Registration Fee – RM500; Security Deposit – RM4,750; Insurance – RM25 annually; LittleLives App – RM180 annually
Class Size: 
To ensure that children thrive, diverse co-curricular offerings educate the whole child, opening the door to the whole wide world through a framework that is guided by the Cambridge curriculum. The Early Years Programmes draw on the best, research-based learning practices, including a wealth of knowledge and experience from an international and homegrown staff base. In this school, spaces are designed to meet the needs of their youngest students. The facility serves as a rich site for active learning with a library, swimming pool, play area, atelier (art studio), little chef’s kitchen and integrated technology supported learning features. Dynamic learning opportunities balance a rich, academic environment with creative, purposeful play, helping children build a strong foundation of knowledge about the world around them.
Children are introduced to the foundational core components of education through the Little Tots Programme. The programme builds on children’s natural curiosity, interest and enthusiasm, and values play as the essence of learning. Each day will be one of wonder and enjoyment as children engage in exciting hands-on activities and spontaneous play experiences. The learning units are transdisciplinary and holistic, focusing on the total growth of a child, and encompassing social, physical, emotional, artistic and creative development to academic advancement. 
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