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Babies and Casa Montessori International Preschool
School Type: 
Learning Centre
Babies & Casa Montessori International Preschool @ 3rd floor, 1 Mont Kiara
03-62113195 / 012-2367771
Contact person: 
Celeste Tan

BABIES & CASA MONTESSORI INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION CENTRE is an international Montessori education centre providing education and care services for children from 0 to 6 years old. Positioned to be a leader in the field of early childhood Montessori education in Singapore and Malaysia, the School will provide an exhilarating early childhood education for children in a well prepared and condusive environment as well as parenting training and seminars to help the larger community. The School will be led by a team of well-qualified and experienced international staff, including AMI-qualified Montessori Directresses and Directors and trained nurses among its work force, who are both capable and passionate in infant and child care and early childhood education with the purpose of providing the best environment and guidance for the healthy growth and development of each child. The Malaysian flagship centre, operated by BCM Care-Centre Sdn Bhd as part of the Asean BCM Group of schools, will be located in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and is scheduled to open in August 2014.