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Choosing the Right School for your Child

With nearly 90 international schools in Malaysia, parents looking to enroll their child in at an international educational institution are spoilt for choice.

Faced with such a wide range of options, parents considering sending their child to one of these institutions or to a private school here often feel overwhelmed – unable to distinguish between schools and determine which is the most suitable school for their child.

Add to this confusion the fact that, for parents, choosing a school for their child is a high-stakes decision – one that will have a profound and long-lasting impact on their child’s development. School is the environment where children spend the majority of each day, and plays an important role in shaping who they are and what they will become. 

By following a simple yet effective process, you as a parent can and will find the right school for your child. Choosing a school is a journey that begins by reflecting on your priorities and your child’s needs and determining which international and private schools fulfill your requirements; continues with researching and learning more about these schools; and ultimately ends with the selection of, application to, and enrollment in your school of choice. In this article, we take you step by step through this journey.


Step 1 – Reflect on your child’s educational needs and your priorities as a parent

Ask yourself these three fundamental questions:

1) Who is my child as a learner?

• Would he or she thrive in a traditional, teacher-centered structure or a more enquiry-based learning environment? 

• Which curriculum would best suit him or her?

• Does he or she have special needs as a learner and require individualized attention and support?

• Does he or she have special talents or interests inside or beyond the classroom?


2) What are my long-term educational plans and goals for my child?

• What are the essential skills and abilities – specific languages, academic subjects, extra-curricular pursuits such as a sport or performing art, etc. – that you want your child to acquire?

• Where will your child ultimately attend college or university?


3) What are my requirements and needs as a parent?

• Which factors – cost, location, school size, curriculum, facilities, etc. – are most important to you?



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This article originally appeared on Education Destination Malaysia. To read more on choosing the right school for your child, please click here.