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11th Private & International School Fair in Johor

  1. Please be informed that the fair will be held with full compliance with the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) set by the Government, such as controlled entry & exit with physical distancing queue, QR Code registration, temperature checking, hand sanitising and practising physical distancing. All tables will be sanitised daily before the fair opens to the public. It is compulsory for ALL exhibitors and visitors to wear face masks during fair opening hours.

  2. All exhibitors are required to obey and follow the SOP during the entire fair period.

  3. The maximum staff on-duty based on SOP set by Majlis Keselamatan Negara (MKN): Strictly 3 staff per table.

  4. Kindly please make sure your staff members on duty wear face masks during the entire fair period as it is COMPULSORY.

  5. Kindly please also make sure your staff members on duty are fit and healthy to work. We strongly suggest that your staff members on duty to take necessary precautions and practise good hygiene habits at all times.

  6. Floor plans and seating arrangements in event spaces will be adjusted to comply with safe physical distancing guidelines.

  7. Reinforced food safety standards will be in place. Individually plated or packed food will be served where relevant.

  8. The fair opening hours have been updated to 12noon - 4pm.