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MAHSA International School (MISKL) was conceived through the idea of offering more than an education for the many extraordinary children within its midst. 

Established in 2017, MISKL is built with the vision of providing a meaningful and rewarding educational journey from the very beginning of a child’s life during the elementary years, coursing through the challenging yet rewarding middle school years to ending in a deeply satisfying and intellectually challenging tertiary education and a future filled with endless possibilities and success. 

The Crescendo-HELP International School (CHIS) began operations in February 2017 at its new purpose-built campus in Johor Bahru. CHIS has swiftly garnered positive reviews from students and parents who are pleased with the dedication and quality of its international team of leadership and teaching staff, as well as its world-class facilities. Within 12 months of its operation, its growth has surpassed its target and CHIS is one of the fastest growing international schools in Johor.

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