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We are IDRISSI International School, an innovative International School offering a unique curriculum where the British international syllabus is infused with Islamic values and eco-awareness. Our main goal is to nurture our children into holistic individuals by integrating the knowledge and values of dunya and akhirah. Individuals who are sustainably minded and environmentally who practise Islam as a way of life.

The Council of Education of the Methodist Church in  Malaysia are the operators of 6 Private Schools under the brand  name of Wesley Methodist Schools.  These are 3 International  Schools preparing students towards Cambridge IGCSE exams & 3  Private Schools preparing students for SPM with Dual Language  Programme (DLP).

As these are schools owned by Church, there is an emphasis towards holistic education, and character building in line with the core values of God-centeredness; Respect for life; Integrity & excellence with Humility.

Ashbourne is one of many private sixth form colleges in London, specialising in pre-university education at A level and GCSE. Following the university ethos, the college combines informality and an adult approach to education, at both A level and GCSE, with a disciplined system where each student's work is carefully monitored.

Malvern St James is a dynamic School where every girl plays a crucial role and has a strong sense of self-worth. Learning takes pride of place, individuality flourishes and self-development results in building essential skills for life. 
MSJ recognises each girl as an individual and fully supports her every endeavour. New talents are explored and discovered within an inspirational climate which encourages risk-taking and sets high expectations.