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The Methodist Council of Education (MCOE) oversees and operates Wesley Methodist School (Private) in Klang, Seremban and Bandar Seri Coalfields and Wesley Methodist School (International) in Kuala Lumpur, lpoh and Penang. The MCOE purpose is to promote and coordinate the development of these Missions Schools, both Private and International and operated in accordance with Christian standards and ideals as interpreted by the Methodist Church in Malaysia. One of the main emphasis is to preserve the ethos, special character and traditions of these Methodist Mission Schools.

San Lorenzo Montessori Pre School is a kindergarten offering full Montessori programmes, conventional teaching approach and brain-based learning within a rich and stimulating environment for children from 18 months to 6 years of age.
Registered with the Ministry of Education, San Lorenzo Montessori Pre-School strives to develop each child's potential through meaningful learning experiences in a happy, safe and encouraging atmosphere.